Get out from sadness

I remember this day vividly. I know that I receive a call from my boyfriend, and he tells me spontaneous ”Go wash your face, put some clothes on you, take a big breath and come in my car… we are going to a trip”. I was starting to expose so many reasons and excuses why I can’t go but in the end, also my mind said: F it, why not?

I didn’t know the place that we were going or how much time it will take before we get there, but we were excited to go out. After a few hours, we finally arrived there. I remember that the sky was grey, but I was astonished by the fact that it was pretty warm outside. We decided to abandon the car somewhere, and we went on an adventure. We started walking through the city, and I was soo happy to see a new place, new faces, new emotions. I was drunk in love. In a good way. We refused to be directed by google maps because we didn’t want to be full by any pieces of information, images…etc. We wanted to be surprised by the faith, not technology. And that was the beauty.

It was such a good energy on that day. Oh! I forgot to say that when we took that car we wanted to go to explore some roads and we missed the principal road and we didn’t know where we are. We saw a sign that told us that we were out form the city and we started to panic because there was not a place where we can turn around. But…we went illegal and finally, we went to the principal road and we went back to the city. We were laughing and feeling alive. I was going thru some bad times back then and this spontaneous trip brought back my good feelings. I was living again.

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We went to eat something in a cabin which we taught that it was close but for us, it was opened. I remember that our childhood memories went out, and we order only traditional food. We were full and begging that our paints won’t explode. You see in my story is nothing spectacular, but the emotions that fulfilled the story make it magical. I discover that life gives you lemons even if there are hard times. I saw how God wanted me to forget about my hurt and to go out of my casual emotions. Life is not predictable. Life is in and inside out. I will remember this trip forever and ever and I will tell even my children that: If you want to escape from sadness. Go out. Breathe some fresh air. Change your clothes. Move because motions create emotions.

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