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#StudentforStudent ofera raspunsuri la intrebarile pe care TU le ai cu privire la facultatea pe care vrei sa o urmezi! Proiectul a fost lansat in anul 2018 si contrar asteptarilor noastre prezinta interes si in ziua de astazi.

Daca vrei sa stii ce sa mananca facultatea la care vrei sa dai, vrei sa cunosti mai bine perspectivele unor studenti care au trecut prin furcile caudine ale facultatii citeste pe indelete articolele si distreaza-te!

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Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom

Today’s topic is GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).

Institute for Health Metrics has reported that the number of people with anxiety disorders has reached 284 million people in 2017. The graphics showed that 2.8% were males and 4.7% were females.

GAD = A condition characterized by 6 months or more of chronic, exaggerated worry and tension that is unfounded or much more severe than the normal anxiety most people experience. People with GAD usually expect the worst.

I wanted to talk about this subject because I was dealing with this issue last year. I was starting to have, like in the above definition, exaggerated tension and worry. Starting to have anxiety made me look for answers that could help me. I wasn’t happy, content with my life, and I was feeling like time was passing by.

I didn’t know that it could be such a problem. But, after a while, I saw the effects. Lack of excitement, personality changes, increased irascibility. My anxiety came from the shame to make a mistake. I was thinking that if I make a mistake I am a failure.


The accepting stage was hard. I didn’t know how to accept the fact that I suffocate myself with bad thoughts. All my energy was drowning away. I didn’t find my place in this world.
For me, anxiety appeared when somehow something was matching with a weak point in my mental structure. Self-confidence.

The result of destructive thoughts was this: ” I was lying in bed and suddenly I felt goosebumps all over my body. Into a second thought made me the prisoner of my imagination. No confidence, no desire to live, no trust. I lost control.”

In this vicious circle, I become more sad and dissatisfied with my life. Everything was black and white and I was feeling like I am running out of energy. I know that is hard to accept the fact that you reached a lower point in your life, but for me, it was easier to let the problem in the hands of God. I became exhausted about this voice that I heard inside my head.

Corrie Ten Boom said: Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strengths.

As Corrie says anxiety can’t write our life. Start to say NO. Permitting to live without any punishments. If I make a mistake it’s ok, I take responsibility for it, but thinking about it all day long makes me weaker and doesn’t bring any value to the table.

The solutions that helped me, were meditation and praying. It makes me connect with the higher self that can control the lower self which is out of control.


1. It doesn’t last forever.

2. Write down in a journal where do you feel the anxiety.

3. Breathe consciously.

4. Talk with someone about it.

God doesn’t give us problems just tot laugh at us it gives us just to understand how powerful we can be. Don’t look with the eyes of the past in the present, is just a waste of time.

How do I deal with Abandonment?

2 min read

This past week, I had been dealing with abandonment. Let me share with you my story so that you can have a clear picture. Let me give you the background.

I am the kind of person that becomes needy in a relationship after a while. This sentiment occurs when I am far away from that person. When the distance is between me and the person that I love I become aggressive, manipulative, and angry. As you see in many other stories all the problems have their roots. And the roots of ‘’ my’’ abandonment was marked when I was a child when my father was starting working in another country. Lack of father figure.


Before this week I didn’t want to deal with this kind of emotion. I was scared. I often would let it go and never investigate or learn from it. I thought that is just a phase and it will get better with time. But, the truth is that it didn’t. Whenever distance occurs I would get furious and anxious. The emotion was located in the area of the heart. It wasn’t pleasant.

I decided that is enough. I accepted my pain and I’ve started to look for the answers. The rage that I was feeling was terrifying. The love that I had it was never there. Something was happening. This time I was trying to solve the problem even if my heart was broken.

A discover this book called… The Abandonment Recovery Workbook

Which presents the 5 stages that you have to deal with after a loss, heartbreak, or abandonment. It is calledS.W.I.R.L. Remember that the order doesn’t matter. For example, for me was the first stage was rage.

  1. Shattering: The sudden disconnection
    sends you into panic, devastation, shock, and bewilderment.
  2. Withdrawal: Love withdrawal is just like heroin withdrawal — each involves intense yearning for the object of desire and this craving is mediated by opioids within your body.8
  3. Internalizing: You idealize your lost love
  4. Rage: expressing rage over being left.
  5. Lifting: Life begins to distract you, lifting you back into it.

My advice for now:

  1. Impuls never give you something in return besides hurt, disappointment, and bad blood.
  2. Start to search for information/people that could help you to deal with this problem.

The journey for me isn’t stopping yet. But I had to tell you that after I read about abandonment I was feeling like the weight on my shoulders was taking away. A sort of liberation was made! I was free!

I will keep you updated with my journey and if you are dealing with this kind of situation I suggest you may consult this book!